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Steven Bernstein

Steven Bernstein

Steven Bernstein ASC, DGA is a screenwriter, director, author, cinematographer and lecturer. Dominion, his latest film from his own script is about the last days of Dylan Thomas. It stars John Malkovich, and has been widely praised. It comes out this year. Decoding Annie Parker was the film previous to that, also directed and written by Bernstein. It won him the Sloan award and it won several other awards. Bernstein worked as a director and cinematographer on Magic City, which got him an American Society of Cinematographers Award nomination for outstanding work. His work on the Oscar winning film Monster got him the AFI award. His book, Film Production, was the best selling book on the subject for over a decade.

Mr. Bernstein is currently under commission to write five feature scripts and a major television series. He has lectured around the world on screenwriting, directing, acting, cinematography and producing. He lives in Los Angeles.


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