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Harish Trivedi

Harish Trivedi

(Jury Chair) former Professor of English at the University of Delhi, was visiting professor at the universities of Chicago and London.  He has lectured at various universities in the USA, Canada, South America, the UK, Europe, China, Japan, South-East Asia and Australia.

He is the author of Colonial Transactions: English Literature and India (Calcutta 1993; Manchester 1995), and has co-edited Interdisciplinary Alter-natives in Comparative Literature (New Delhi 2013); Literature and Nation: Britain and India 1800-1990 (London 2000); Post-colonial Translation: Theory and Practice (London 1999); and Interrogating Post-colonialism: Theory, Text and Context  (Shimla 1996; rpt. 2000 and 2006). He has contributed to the Cambridge Companion volumes on Gandhi and Kipling (both published 2011) as well as Tagore (forthcoming). He also writes in Hindi and translates from Hindi, Urdu and Sanskrit. Currently, he is a contributing editor of an international project based in Stockholm for writing a history of World Literature.


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